Friday, March 28, 2014


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This morning the Lord was encouraging me through a phone call from a dear sister Kathryn. I have always been able to count on Concho Community Church for any prayers, support or encouragement. I now live in another town, but that does not matter to any of us. We will be friends for eternity.
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What Kathryn did not know was that 2 days ago my sewing machine quit. I knew it was going as I heard something happen to it while sewing. I just kept sewing until it would not sew anymore. Since we live on Social Security our money is tight like a lot of other people's. So I put up all my sewing things in the back room so I would not think about it.
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Kathryn called this morning and told me that she was at a garage sale and they had 11 boxes of material. She told me they were $10 dollars a box. I had recently been on line looking at the cost of fabric and I was shocked by the prices. I had been sewing from a stash that I had for a few years.
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Kathryn said she immediately thought of me as I sewed for my kids and grandkids. It was an encouragement from the Lord that a sewing machine will be provided in the near future. I stepped out on faith and went and bought 2 boxes of material. The majority of fabric was 2 yards and some 3-4 yards. I counted 36 pieces at 2 yards to come up with an approximate amount that it would have cost to purchase the material at $5.00 a yard. The cheapest amount at Wal-Mart.
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So not only did the Lord encourage me through Kathryn but He provided over $200 dollars worth of material that I paid $20 for.
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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


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Finished the blouse for the ruffled skirt in my TWO WEEKS SEWING sewing post.  It was a fairly easy blouse to sew.

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Used this Simplicity pattern.  I purchased the pattern from Ebay.  We basically only have Wal-Mart and no other fabric store for 2 1/2 hours.  So the internet is my best option for finding patterns at a reasonable cost.
The only thing I did different on the pattern was to use a close zig-zag stitch on the edges of the tie insert.  The pattern called for creating a small hem.  I felt it would be to bulky and the hem would show when tied.
pink top & rufffled skirt photo 003_zps084c344f.jpg

Here is the outfit finished and ready to mail out to my grand daughter.

Monday, January 27, 2014


The last two weeks I have been sewing every afternoon.   My son's youngest child has out grown her school clothes.  In another post I patched and added length to her jeans.   Now trying my hand at re-purposing some of the older children's clothing.

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One of the jumpers I had made was too tight in the chest area.  So I cut off the bodice top and turned it into a skirt. My grand-daughter was trying this on for me. She was so cute.  She came in and said Nana it won't stay up.   There was a lot of fullness in the skirt so I had to cut more off the elastic to make it tighter.   Also made the leggings.  The leggings and tops are made longer so she could grow.  We have at least 4 more months of cold weather up here.

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Then I made another outfit of a skirt, top and more leggings.
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This skirt is for another one of my precious grand daughters.  I came up with this skirt by seeing another one similar to it.  It took me 3 afternoons to make this skirt.  I goofed on my measurement for the ruffles and did some re-adjusting.  The skirt turned out really cute if I do say so myself.  I have a pink material to make a top that will go with the skirt.  That will have to be in another post.
It has been fun trying my hand at re-purposing garments and coming up with my own design.  

Sunday, January 12, 2014


The last outfits I sewed my grand daughter intrigued her. She was use to her mom going to the store and buying her clothes.  She could not figure out how Nana could make skirts and tops.  she asked mom how I did it.  So here is how I do it Cassaundra.

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You start by using math to see how much material you need for each piece to sew a skirt that will fit Cassaundra.  Then you cut out your pieces according to that math.  So make sure you learn your math.  You use math in all kinds of ways.  Nana is sure glad she learned math so she could cook, sew, and do all kinds of things.

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I then find thread that matches the material.  I thread my sewing machine.  Then I begin to sew your skirt.

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Then Nana turns down a measured section to sew.  Through that section Nana will put the elastic so your skirt will stay on.

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Then Nana takes the material and starts to put it together by sewing a seam down the sides.  The seams holds the skirt together.

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Then Nana stitches very large stitches so that she can gather the sheer material to add to the purple material.

 photo 011_zpsfbb88696.jpg
Then Nana pins the gathered sheer material to the purple material. Nana then uses her sewing machine to connect and hold the pieces together again.

 photo 015_zpsb3c8bc80.jpg
Nana has now finished sewing all pieces together and here is the skirt that I made for you.

Sunday, January 5, 2014


One of my grand daughters wanted me to fix some jeans for her. I always enjoy finding ways to help in a frugal manner to increase the life of clothes. So just before Christmas I took her measurements.  I had intended to sew some other school clothes for her and my grand daughter in California.  They are only one year apart in age.  Unfortunately Children tend to share their viruses.  So I ended up sick and unable to sit at the sewing machine.  Therefore I decided to sew the patch by hand sitting in my easy chair.

It was quick and easy to use heat and bond to apply the patch. I ripped out the inseam enough to work comfortably with the patch.  It would be easy to resew the seam up when finished.
 Using embroidery thread I worked around the inside edge with a small stitch. I continued to stitch on the outside edge with one of the gold colors in the patch as well.  

Then using a color of the elephant and hippo I weaved between stitches that left a kind of zig-zag look.

Here is the finished product.  I will add some of the same material at the bottom edge of each pant leg to add a little length.  When I am finished I will try and post a picture of the finished jeans
It was actually fun and kept my mind off of feeling bad for at least a little while :)